Welcome to ADG Telecom
Your Hosted VoIP Consultants

woman-rep-adg telecom-voip-telephone-adgtelecom.net-icloudWelcome to ADG Telecom, your reliable and customer-friendly phone company alternative.

We provide simple-to-use hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems with the latest features and newest technology.

Our goal is twofold: To provide you with the best equipment and most reliable customer service for all your phone needs – freeing you up to manage your business without worrying about your telephone service. We’ll teach you enough to become self-reliant in managing and getting the most out of your phone system – without having to become a technology “geek,” and be with you every step of the way as questions or service challenges arise.

We hope you find this “new and improved” website to be a useful tool in learning more about our hosted VoIP systems. For our current customers, this site is a starting point to find the information you need to manage and take full advantage of your system’s features. Check out our “support” pages to get started.

Technology shouldn’t be a hurdle or take a PhD to understand and we’re here to enhance your business and positively affect your bottom line.

Finally, as an ADG Telecom customer, when your system “hiccups,” you’ll find our response time to get your system back up and running to be unparalleled among telephone companies.

So, if you’re frustrated with complicated or unreliable equipment, slow response times, or the challenge of getting a “live” person to answer your service call, give ADG Telecom a try. As our customers will attest, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner.

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